Not happy with being pigeon holed into one genre, Dave Sharpe’s guitar acrobatics represent a diverse course in the lineage of the six string. Paying homage to a variety of styles, each song essentially embraces a new vehicle for storytelling, allegory, and memory extraction. Influences range from exoteric meanderings to esoteric practice.

Wielding the guitar as a tool for exerting Will, music is used as an Initiatory channel to dispel stasis and speak to that which cannot necessarily be expounded through contemporary vernacular.

Is the Solar Power the backing band? Not necessarily so. Philosophically the Solar Power is that which radiates the noetic dispersion of sound creation. Drawing upon the flame of mysterion, the connection between innate ability and the neters of wisdom and chaos produce an alchemical neo-photosynthesis of sorts.

At a high level, the Mission of Dave Sharpe and the Solar Power is to resonate a variety of human emotions and experience. From party anthems (Open Bar), to meditations (The Castle), personal Initiation (Become), laying it down (Kind Nugs),and adrenalin boosts (Out of Body). Unfortunately for quite some time the industry has fostered acts in which the listener cannot differentiate one song from the next. Dave Sharpe and the Solar Power seek to draw upon a variety of compositional formulae that spell predictability.

“I simply follow my ear and let the fingers dance…”